Featured on the Not Just Jazz Network: Composer/Lyricist Barry Strutt’s New single “When The World Comes Back” and expansive new website spotlighting hope and love.

Barry Strutt's new single “When The World Comes Back” puts hope and love back on track in a rapidly changing post-pandemic world. 

When The World Comes Back 

“The lyrics not only reflect the hollowness of the isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, they demonstrate Barry’s compassion for those who suffered both physically and mentally. ~ Charles Kipps, Writer/Producer, Emmy, Peabody, Humanitas Prize and Mystery Writers Edgar Award 


Composer/Lyricist Barry Strutt asked himself “What would or could happen when the world came back from the Covid19 pandemic? Could we feel joy again? After all that had happened, all the death and darkness, would we ever truly feel whole again? And how could that happen? Could the entire world truly “come back?” The answer to those questions is found in a song he penned with an empowering offering entitled “When The World Comes Back.” This is a song that puts hope and a hopeful future on the horizon. 

Strutt, feeling that this world has lost its harmony, gathered together a highly-talented group of musicians who found a way to write “around” the hurdles the pandemic created, by creating a joyful musical release from the social isolation and darkness that was dominating our lives. With the help of Zoom and Pro Tools, and some great playing, arranging and mixing, somehow the collective magic happened, and “When the World Comes Back” was born. 

Randy Brecker said "When The World Comes Back!" by Barry Strutt, an old friend of both me and my late brother Mike, has come up with a tuneful and positive outcome to a sad year and a half, which took too many of our friends and relatives away from us. Both me (on trumpet) and my wife Ada Rovatti (on sax) who also did the horn arrangement, were very proud to be a part of this 'endeavor of positivity' so much needed! Featuring a host of great players and vocals by Dakota Macleod and rhythm section arrangement by her husband Ray Naccari (who also plays keys!), this song will get you off the couch and jumping! Here's to the future world of: "When The World Comes Back!” 

“When the World Comes Back” is a beautiful musical statement by Barry Strutt, and I had the honor and pleasure to be part of it, as saxophone player and arranger for the horns. It’s a powerful tune with a joyful message hoping that the world will come back and hopefully coming back better and stronger than before," says Ada Rovatti. 

“The lyrics not only reflect the hollowness of the isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,” famed songwriter Charles Kipps explained, “they demonstrate Barry’s compassion for those who suffered both physically and mentally. It’s also important to note, in executing his vision for the song, Barry has enlisted a cast of amazing musicians and vocalists including Dakota MacLoed, Ray Naccari, Ada Rovatti, and six time Grammy winner Randy Brecker. And with Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide and Not Just Jazz Network heading up promotion, 'When the World Comes Back' is certain to garner the recognition it deserves.” ~ Charles Kipps (writer/producer who has won an Emmy, Peabody, Humanitas Prize, and Mystery Writers Edgar Award. 

The Not Just Jazz Network is proud to feature “When The World Comes Back”, not only for its musical excellence, but for the universal message of hope and love it brings. Right now, in these challenging times, we all need to come together, to assist where we can, and strive to uplift one another. A good way to start is to sing along with this catchy lyric “When The World Comes Back” and step into a new dawn together,” says Jaijai Jackson of the Not Just Jazz Network. (https://www.notjustjazznetwork.com) 

“When The World Comes Back” sparked many ideas as the project was unfolding. We all are having our own individual daily experiences coming back into the world out of quarantine. Many ideas have surfaced about how we can further this global effort. We believe that if we can communicate through music, we can lock arms and unlock hearts. By crossing this bridge together we can begin to trust one another again, and come back stronger, sharing what we’ve learned from our social isolation. 

Barry Strutt is considering assembling an all-star band called ‘America’s Back Band’ to lead this effort and bring a song back to the hearts of those who are lost and hurting. The movement discusses parenting issues as kids get ready to return to school, and we rethink our career goals while we confront and try to resolve our lingering grief. 

We are all still trying to develop ways of coping and caring for ourselves even as the variant rears its ugly head. Supporting one another in this movement makes it real to all of us, as we build relationships and renew and foster new friendships in this constantly shifting landscape we call the "new normal." 

We invite our readers to share their thoughts and feelings in confronting the challenges of their own “new normal,” on the website’s Comeback Blog at https://whentheworldcomesback.com, where digital downloads of “When the World Comes Back” are available. 

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